18 May 2022

Waste compactor: what is it and what are its uses?

The function of a waste compactor

Packaging waste, and all waste in general, are considered a burden in the business economy. However, few companies realize that strategic waste management is able to reduce costs and free up resources to be reinvested for business growth. To do this, it is useful to adopt waste compactors.

A waste compactor is a machine capable of compressing a large amount of waste even before it is treated for recycling. Various types of waste compactor are available on the market to be identified on the basis of the final result that the waste will assume once compacted.

A waste press, for example, is usually used to compress and pack all those recyclable materials (paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, aluminum). These materials are pressed inside the machine, thanks to a compression plate and transformed into consistent bales.

The presses are divided into vertical or horizontal, the substantial difference concerns the direction in which the pressing plate acts. Horizontal balers allow you to produce larger bales and are perfectly suited to high volumes of daily waste. Vertical presses, on the other hand, are more versatile and take up less space.

A waste compactor differs from the baler in that it can contain and compress mixed waste in large quantities. Differentiating itself from the press, the waste compactor finds its place in the external areas of the companies and allows to reduce the volume of solid waste deriving from industrial activities and similar to urban waste.

The waste compactor guarantees hygiene, order and safety in the material storage area and represents the best solution for all those companies that produce a large amount of mixed waste that is difficult to separate.

By adopting these devices it will be possible to permanently eliminate the garbage cans within every company. If you were intrigued by the topic and you want to deepen it, we invite you to take a look at the appropriate web page through the link you find in this article.