PwnTunes for iOS 7 Deb – iOS [Jailbreak Download]

PwnTunes for iOS 7 Deb

PwnTunes for iOS 7 ipa

Here we have latest PwnTunes for iOS 7 .deb available for Jailbroken iOS devices. This app is available here on StayUpdated.Info for free. You can easily download it for free via the links available below. PwnTunes for iOS 7 is the only app that allows you to transfer data to and from you iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch and your computer. PwnTunes for iOS 7 v1.0.1.0 Deb is the best solution without iTunes.

PwnTunes for iOS 7 ios


PwnTunes for iOS 7 made transfering music files, images and more between your mobile and computer devices very easy. Install PwnTunes on your iOS 7 device and get yourself freed from iTunes. To do this you just need to install it on your mobile device and you don’t need any software for PC. PwnTunes for iOS 7 will do all the work for you. PwnTunes for iOS 7 .deb is the latest version released and updated today.

Using PwnTunes for iOS 7 is very simple, just drag and drop things and rest of the transfering will go automatically. Below is the list of Important features.

PwnTunes for iOS 7 For iOS:

  • No need of iTunes any more for transfering music
  • Exchange music files easily
  • Access iTunes without iTunes
  • Import Photos and videos
  • Use as USB Stick
  • No software required on PC

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PwnTunes for iOS 7 Deb Download Link:

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