Moto G Notification Light Not Working [Simple Solution / Fix]

Quick Fix for Moto G Notification Light

moto g led worked out

Moto G, a new device from Motorola has been in multiple countries around the world. Moto G is a new device released recently i.e last week in many countries of the world. Moto G is a good mobile but in last few days everyone is noticing a strange quirk to do with the phone’s notification LED. Notification LED feature of Moto G is not working at all and there is no software to switch for it anywhere in the settings app. Users of this phone are not getting served with the LED flashing on receiving Emails, texts and missed calls plus third party are not having the benefit of getting the flash light triggered ON.

moto g notification led

Moto G this system fault is actually a side effect of restoring from your Google account. This step is a part of Moto G ‘s setup process on the startup. This step is usually a useful one, it downloads the previous apps and all the settings from the cloud. The actual effect of this restoring your Moto G with that Google Account is that your setting are totally restored from another Android phone. This restore leaves the light disabled with no way to re-enable it from anywhere in the settings.

Now lets go towards the solution of this issue being faced now a days. To get your LED flash light working, you have to use a widget released by Motorola. This widget can be downloaded for free and placed on your homescreen. Once you have downloaded this widget then place it on your home screen to use it to toggle on and off. Once you have switched on your Notification light then you can remove your widget and the notification light will continue working.

Droid RAZR HD is another effected device. Here is the explanation of this issue form Motorola:

On some devices (such as Motorola Droid RAZR HD), a small number of users found that the notification light was disabled after logging into their google account if it was disabled previously on other devices with the same google account. This widget restores the ability to control the light on devices without an exposed setting.”