Minecraft – Pocket Edition 0.8.1 Apk – Android [OS 2.3/3.0-4.40 and More]

Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.8.1 For Android

minecraft pocket edition apk

Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.8.1 .apk patched is now available here on StayUpdated.Info for free. You can download mpe 0.8.1 for Android OS 2.3 and for Android OS 3.0-4.4.x from the download links available below for free. Check your device’s OS version and download required file and enoy the game on yoru mobile device. Mpe¬†0.8.1 is a nice blocky world adventure game. Build your own world, craft different thinsg and make your imaginations come true. Minecraft p.e.apk is getting better and better with time. This is a must try game for almost everbody around.

minecraft pocket edition apk

Minecraft – Pocket Edition For Android is a game with variety of different features to spend time playing. You can enjoy this game with randomly generated worlds, multiplayer over local Wifi network, and survival and creative modes. All the modes are worth spending some time playing them. I will list some of its items below.

Minecraft pe for Android:

  • Food items
  • Sword and other weapons
  • Cests
  • Skeletons
  • Spiders and few other insects
  • Beds
  • Paintings
  • and lots more

New In Minecraft РPocket Edition 0.8.1 For Android:

  • Few new items added
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Minecraft – Pocket Edition 0.8.1 Apk Download Links:

Android 3.0-4.4.x:


Android 2.3: